Monday, November 17, 2014

Beauty Review :: Urban Decay - Eyeshadow - S&M

I'd always heard good things about the brand, Urban Decay. So during my trip to the USA last year I picked up an eyeshadow - I was in need of a new silver eyeshadow.

Urban Decay did not disappoint.

I went with the colour S&M. It's a darker, shimmery grey.

Packaging: I like the eyeshadow packaging, it feels good quality, and isn't flimsy. 

Colour/Wearability - As above, this is a dark grey colour with a shimmer. It's a bit darker than the silver I normally use. So It's not something I wear everyday - for a subtle smokey eye etc. It's great for a more dramatic look, good for night time wear. 

What I love the most about this product is the pigmentation and durability. It is so pigmented, and that is important to me. There's nothing that puts me off a product more than it being almost unnoticeable. So this is exactly what I'm after. 

And what's even better than that? You don't really need to use a primer (of course, that will help the longevity of the shadow, but perfectly fine without one). It lasts really well on your eyes.

Overall: Love, love, love. I've ordered another one, to see if this isn't just a one of good buy. My next shade is Oil Slick, and I'm looking forward to receiving that. 

If that one is a highlight for me, then I will definitely be having a collection of them at some point!


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