Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beauty Review :: Lime Crime - Babette Lipstick

As mentioned in my recent post of Favourite Things Friday, I bought Babette a while ago, but it's a much used edition to my makeup collection.

I now have three Lime Crime lipsticks - Coquette, Great Pink Planet, and Babette.

Lime crime makeup is all about cruelty free makeup that lets you be creative with colour - right up my alley!

Babette is a newer edition to Lime Crime's line, and it is described as a "Pinky-Nude". To be honest, it wasn't quite the colour I was expecting. I thought it was going to be a bit pinker/cooler than the warm tones it actually has.

But, the thing that makes this lipstick one of my favourites is that it kind of changes colour depending the lighting/what you match it with.

Sometimes it can look quite warm, almost an orange tinge. Whereas at other times it looks a lot more pink. It is a subtle colour, and is perfect for day or night time wear.

Packaging: As always, Lime Crime's packaging is great, comes in a cute box and is a sleek lipstick tube with the shimmering unicorn.

Value: This was a while ago, but I think they are around $29 NAZ plus shipping. Ends up being quite expensive, but worth it.

Quality: I notice this seems slightly better than the other two lipsticks I have from Lime crime. With the others, I have noticed they make my lips a little dry. Babette seems a little better, but I still notice it slightly. It can also look a little orange-y once it's come off and drying.

Overall: 4/5 

I love this lipstick. I wish it wasn't quite as warm-toned as it is, but it's great, and I use it probably the most out of all of my lipsticks

I think my next Lime Crime purchase will be Airborne Unicorn or Chinchilla...

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