Friday, September 23, 2011

Beauty Review :: Loreal Silver Shampoo

I recently lightened my hair with a full head of foils, and bought this Loreal Silver Shampoo at the same time, to keep the warm tones out of my hair.

I'm known for changing my hair colour pretty often, so I have had my hair lightened before and experienced the warm tones that come through, which can often look pretty blah - depending what you're going for.

This 250ml bottle of shampoo cost me $30, but was told by my hairdresser that it would last me "forever" because of my thin (although pretty long) hair.

I am one of those people who wash their hair everyday, so I use this every 2-3 days on my hair. Having had experience with my hair warming before I can definitely recommend this product!

My hair looks even less "warm" than it did when I first got it lightened! I hate to think what colour my hair would be if I didn't use this product. It's still a lovely blonde colour (and I can hardly notice my regrowth after a month, which means I must be pretty close to my natural colour!)

One thing to mention...this shampoo is not silver. It's purple, and although I use it 3-4 times a week I still don't expect it to come out bright purple. Don't worry, your hair won't turn purple, but it is a little scary the first time!

I have used a purple shampoo in the past before, and never had results like this.

 5/5! If you've recently lightened your hair, this product is a must have. Since it is part of the Professional range, I think it is only available at salons. It is well worth the $30.

What products do you recommend for lightened hair?

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