Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beauty :: Tips for repairing damaged hair

I'm naturally blonde but have been dying my hair for a long time, I haven't seen my natural colour in years! I've also dyed my hair a variety of different colours.

Here is a small montage of my hair over the years (there are much more! a more in-depth "Hair History" post to come)

When I was about 16 my hair became very damaged. So bad, that clumps of it would break off/fall out and one side was longer than the other! Pretty terrible the more I think about it. At that point I had been home dying it black for two years, straightening it almost everyday with no heat know, all that good stuff! The ends were completely fried and frizzy. I complained daily about the state of my hair.

Here are a few tips I used to help achieve my wish of healthy, shiny, long, straight hair from roots to tips!

  • I straighten my hair once a month, if that. Granted, my hair is naturally straight. However, since I stopped straightening it everyday, it's actually gotten even more straighter - naturally. When I do straighten it, I use a GHD heat protectant spray.
  • I use a heat protectant conditioner (Dove).
  • I blow dry my hair on a medium setting 5x a week, and always finish for the last 30 seconds on the cool setting. I don't blow dry it completely, just to take the dampness out.
  • LUSH's hair mask 'H'Suan Wen Hua' has saved my life (well, my hair anyway). I use it once every 2 weeks, and it leaves my hair looking amazing on the days I use it. Overtime, (say after a month of using it) the overall condition is much better too.
  • I pull my hair back into a low pony tail while I sleep.
  • I don't trim my hair very often. Probably once every 3 months - and my hair doesn't seem to suffer from it.
  • I wear my hair up once every day (when I work out etc) and my hair is still just as strong.
  • I was (shampoo and condition) my hair everyday. I have naturally greasy hair, so it has to be done! It stays smooth and shiny/doesn't dry out.
  • I have blonde highlights. It is possible to have lightened hair and keep it healthy.
My hair is the best quality it's been in years. What are your best hair tips?

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