Friday, July 1, 2011

Melbourne Haul :: Part 2 - Guess

I didn't do a lot of clothes shopping while in Melbourne, as a lot of the stores we have here.

However, we don't have a Guess store here, and I love Guess. So I had to make a few purchases at the outlet store!

A white Guess T-shirt for $30. I love the shape of their T-shirts. V-necks are so much better than round ones!

A grey long sleeve t-shirt. I wore it the other day with skinny black jeans and heels (sorry no picture!). It's really nice material and comfy to wear. I tried on a purple one, but it didn't look as good. I have a thing for grey at the moment - must be winter! This was $30 down from $40.

I know, a bit strange right? I haven't worn them yet, as I have no idea what to wear with them. Especially shoes. Any ideas?

I bought them because they fit so well (they look much better on than in the picture), and they were $50 down from $100.

The only other clothes I bought were from Dotti.

I got this for work. It was $20. (outlet Dotti store I think).

I also got a white singlet top and a plain black v-neck t-shirt from Dotti. They weren't really worth photographing! Just basics.

Help me out with the jeans! What do you think would look good with them?


  1. Great buys!

    Maybe some bronze/gold sandals or flipflops and a plain vest top would look nice with the jeans rolled up slightly?


  2. @Kirsti Thanks, yeah I was thinking gold sandals too. I don't own anything like that - another excuse for shopping! I think the white t-shirt I bought might be okay with them. Will have to take them shopping with me one day. haha.