Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Melbourne Haul :: Part 1

Hello! I'm back from Melbourne. I had a great time, and the Miley concert was great (review to come).

It was great seeing my friend again, we had heaps of fun shopping, going out to eat etc. (Most of my photos are of food at restaurants!)

Of course a lot of shopping was done, so here are some things I got (all $ is Australian):

It wasn't actually until I was editing this photo that I realised it was scented! I applied it yesterday, and when I realised it was scented and smelt it, it still has a cotton candy scent.

This cost me $5 (very cheap considering they're $20ish here). I don't like the application of this, and probably won't use it very often. but I didn't use a base coat like I normally do, which may have made a difference.

This lipgloss is from Sports girl. It's a pretty colour and I like it, but it has absolutely no staying power. Within 15 minutes it was gone. I also don't think there is a lot of product in the tube. $9.

My Mariah Carey perfume is almost run out, so it was time to get a new one. My mum told me to try out Flower Princess, as she thought I would like it, but I looked at Duty Free in Christchurch, and the tester had smashed in one of the earthquakes we had recently. I couldn't find it anywhere else!

I found a cheap perfume/makeup shop in Melbourne and got Avril Lavigne's 'Black Star' for $30 (may have been $40).

I've been looking for a blue eyeliner for a long time. Every one I test out is really subtle, I was looking for bright. Finally I found it! This GOSH eyeliner goes on so well! Review to come. $15

I bought a perfume, so got this atomiser for $5. I have no idea how to use it. Anyone? She said I spray the perfume into it. But I must have to spray a lot in there to be able to use it? May have to google it!

I finally got Maybelline 'falsies' mascara! $12 at Victoria Markets. I really love the length and volume this mascara gives, but find it is easily smudged.

We don't have NYX here, which is sad, and I think we should. I bought this palette for $16.

The colours are nicely pigmented! (Note: I don't have scaly skin, it's goosebumps haha). Looking forward to doing an EOTD with these colours!

There was a bargain bin at David Jones and I got some more BareMinerals powder foundation, as my starter kit ones were running out. Forgot how much I love this stuff! $29.50

I went to Melbourne airport quite early so I could spend the last of my money on duty free stuff. I was excited to find MAC there. I ended up getting a lipstick and an eyeshadow.

I was deciding between Snob and Angel. In the end I went with Angel, but now I wish I had gotten Snob! Still a nice colour though. $29

I've been looking for a bright purple eyeshadow for so long. I found a nice one at MAC, but they didn't have any left. Then I found this one, a mineral eyeshadow called 'Odd Couple'. I don't know if I'll use the gold, but I love the purple. It was $32, but I got it for $25.

Wearing Odd Couple and Angel. So sunny yesterday!

Clothes haul (didn't buy too much) to come tomorrow.

Any good blog posts you're read in the last 5 days, that I've missed (even if it's yours!) I feel like I've been away for so long!


  1. I love how MAC lippies always look like massive black bullets... Oh and about the perfume atomiser... I have a Travalo and I'm guessing they probably work the same way... So basically I just take off the nozzle/top the perfume that you press to spray, so that that little white tube that brings up the perfume is exposed. Then you just stick the atomiser onto it (there should be a hole-like part on one of the ends of the atomiser) and pump it until it's full! Hope that helps :)

  2. Thanks. I think mines a bit different and doesn't work like that. I'll probably never end up using it. haha