Monday, July 4, 2011

Concert Review :: Miley Cyrus

On Thursday 23rd of June I flew over to Melbourne to stay with my friend and go to the Miley Cyrus concert.

I am a Miley fan, and I have watched a lot of Hannah Montana. I don't like Hannah Montana songs, but the shows good. haha.

Our seats were directly to the right of the stage. They were good seats, but we were directly at the side of the screen, so couldn't see what was on it.

I didn't know who was opening for Miley until we got there, it was an Australian singer, Michael Paynter. His set was okay, I had only ever heard of one song, and I think he played a bit too many songs. But maybe he's quite popular in Australia?

After his set we didn't have to wait too long until Miley came out. Cue lots of screaming! The concert was sold out, and of course the majority of the crowd were girls under 16.

She sang mostly songs off her newest album, Can't Be Tamed, and all of her hits. She did a few covers, including Nirvana's, Smells Like Teen Spirit - which she was actually pretty good at!

The crowd was most excited for 'The Climb'. She didn't talk to the crowd too much, just saying 'thanks for having me here/I wouldn't be here without you' every second song (did get a little bit repetitive!).

I was disappointed she didn't sing 'When I look at you', but glad she sung 'Obsessed'.

Miley said goodbye, left the stage, and although the houselights hadn't come on yet a lot of people were leaving! Of course there was more, she hadn't sung 'See You Again' or 'Who owns my Heart' yet!

She came out in a sparkly red dress and sung 3 encore songs (first time I've seen that!). She had a few costume changes throughout the show, wearing not much - and I can understand why there has been some complaints about younger children at her shows - but that's the parents decision to take them to her concert.

The set was good, nothing too flashy, but the dancers were good.

Overall: I really liked the concert, and it was even better than Katy Perry's. Sometimes it's good to go to a concert and have them just perform their songs, without all the flashy set/storyline. I wish she'd performed more of her older songs, but she did perform a lot of songs, in comparison to other concerts.

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