Friday, July 8, 2011

Innoxa Skin Care

I only just recently heard of the makeup brand Innoxa, and have a couple of the lipsticks. We have a site in New Zealand called 1-day, where they have 3 cheap deals every day.

Yesterday I made another purchase from them. It is a Innoxa Skincare 12 pack for $30. I think they are sample sizes, but it's still a bargain, because I can try out all the products before buying full size. Needless to say, the deal sold out in 4 hours.

Here is what it comes with:

1. Line-Defy Intensive Moisture Boost - Intensely boosts skin hydration, firms, tightens and restores skin radiance. This multi-tasking formulation helps fight the signs of ageing and is an ideal day or night moisturiser, mask or skin primer before makeup.

2. Skin Balance Oil-Free Hydrating Creme-Gel - Specifically formulated to help restore balance to combination and oily skin, whilst offering an essential source of hydration in a rapidly absorbed crème-gel.

3. Skin Sensitive Daily Moisture Protection -

4. Skin Lift & Firm Ultra-Lift Firming Moisture Lotion SPF 15 - An effective combination of Pepha®-Tight Marine Extracts, Rice Bran Oil Extract, Unimoist and Shea Butter to instantly tighten and smoothe - the result of the long-term lifting and firming effect is noticeably firmer, smoother more youthful-looking skin.

5. Skin Specialist Purifying Mask - Uses botanical Water Lilies and natural Kaolin Clay for a deeply purifying, re-balancing facial treatment, helping to detoxify, remove impurities and promote healthy radiant skin.

6. Skin Moist Vitamin Enriched Moisturiser with Sunscreen - Offers skin a nourishing, vitamin-rich source of moisture with sunscreen protection. The rapidly absorbed moisturiser uses Vitazyme ACE® and Avocado and Jojoba Oils to deliver an essential daily dose of vitamins A, C & E to help keep skin nourished and protected.

7. Skin Even Enlighten Moisturiser SPF15 - Rich in vitamins and natural fruit acids, this moisturiser brightens, soothes and balances the skin while providing sun protection.

8. Skin Even Enlighten Concentrated Serum - Loaded with super-efficient ingredients Lumiskin™, Stay-C®50 and Vitamin E, this treatment product dramatically improves the radiance and even tone of all skin types.

9. Skin Balance Oil-Free Rebalancing Lotion - An oil-free, easily-absorbed lotion that uses breakthrough ingredient AC Net™ to actively regulate oil. ZinClear™, the latest in sunscreen technology, helps protect against environmental damage.

10. Skin Sensitive Gentle Moisture Lotion - A light, easily absorbed lotion, which delivers essential moisture and nutrients to the skin, using the concentrated benefits of fruit waters and botanical extracts.

11. Skin Moist Thirsty Skin Moisture Creme - This luxurious moisture rich crème uses Aquaxyl™ to help re-balance moisture levels. Vitamin E-rich Rice Bran Oil Extract, a powerful anti-oxidant, offers a concentrated source of moisture whilst helping protect against environmental damage and premature ageing.

12. Love and Happiness Enchanting Foam Bath - A water softening, rapidly foaming formula which cleanses and moisturises the skin leaving the body fresh, soft and fragrant.

I'm excited to try out these products! I should get the pack next week some time. I bought it because I get to try out a lot of different products for $30, instead of buying 1 moisturiser at Lush for $42. I'll still get the toner and cleanser from Lush though - I just can't justify $42 a moisturiser - I know lot's of people spend a lot more though!

Have you tried any of these products? Do any of them sound appealing to you?


  1. Wow... that's A LOT for $30! Good on ya :)

  2. That Love and Happiness foam bath sounds lovely! I can't wait to hear what you think of the stuff in that kit. It's no surprise it sold out, sounds like a steal!