Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist :: MAC

In the last two days I have gotten 5 new welcome! And to anyone else that reads, but doesn't 'follow'. I'm glad you like my blog :)

Yesterday was my 100th post. Wow. I do try and post every day. I also received rather a lot of hits yesterday on my Lime Crime Review and Book Review.

In just over a week I will be ticking #22 of my list, and heading to Auckland with three of my best friends! We are all very excited.

While there I plan on doing a bit of shopping at the MAC store, which is just a couple of streets from where we are staying. (There used to be a MAC store in Christchurch, but since it is in the city centre it is currently closed). So here is a few things I am thinking of buying:

I tend to have quite oily skin (although it has gotten a lot better than it was!) and I have heard this is quite good for that. I'm not sure what shade I am, but it will be one of the pale ones! Do you like this product? I notice a lot of fellow beauty bloggers use it!

These two are pretty similar, so I will only get one. I love nude lipsticks, much more than bright lipsticks. Which do you think is better?

I love the colours in this quad! Not sure that New Zealand actually stocks this product yet, but I will be looking for something similar.

Are there any must-have MAC products that I have missed? (Note: I'm not much a fan of nude/brown eyeshadows...but love bright!) I'm looking for a nice bright purple, in particular.


  1. I like Studio Fix but I find that if I use too much then it looks REALLY yellow! I might just have the wrong shade but every time I go there I'm matched to NC40! But it is an amazing foundation if you want medium - full coverage and it keeps the oil at bay better than some other foundations I've used! xx

  2. @Sriya Thanks for your comment! I've never used MAC foundation before, I always worry it will look a bit too 'cakey', but have heard lots of good things about this one. It's probably just because I'm used to a pretty light-medium coverage. Good to know that it helps oily skin!

  3. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance, could you check out mine and tell me your opinions? I would love to see what you think! :)

    follow me?

  4. @Rach Thank you for your comment! I will check out your blog! :)

  5. I have extremely oily skin also but I rarely break out (aka get a blemish). Anyways I did purchase the Studio Fix Fluid and I noticed I broke out a bit more that usual. It also feels very greasy/oily on my skin & leaves a kind of "sweating" look. With a translucent powder it solved this problem but I would be careful. It feels a bit heavy on the skin. But the finish on an HD camera looks amazing. I suggest when applying it to use a stippling brush or sponge so it doesn't look caked on. Also MAC Prep+Prime is a great powder to use with it that still gives you a natural subtle shine.

  6. @The Neon Beauty Thanks a lot for your comment. All of those points are the things that I worry about most about Studio Fix. I do have a translucent powder I can use over top, but I break out pretty that's a bit of a worry.

    I will keep these things in mind, for sure!