Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beauty Review :: Lime Crime - Lime Criminal Magic Dust

It's no secret that I bought a couple of Lime Crime products recently, and I couldn't wait to try out. I did some thorough testing on Lime Criminal Magic Dust over the past few days, and I am now ready to review!

 The packaging is very cute.

"Explore your imagination & add a touch of magic to your lids with these mysterious shimmering dusts straight from the Unicorn's Garden!"
The container itself is pretty plastic and 'cheap' but I had already heard about that, so wasn't expecting a lot. I love the purple.

"High-payoff, weightless formula is designed for creating a vivid statement or a subtle colour accent...depending on your whimsy."

It's quite difficult to get it out of the holes, which is good as you don't use too much product, but I'm wondering if that might be difficult when there's not much left.

It looks quite subtle in this swatch, and almost yellow. It was very hard to swatch! So an EOTD is coming up.

I am wearing Lime Criminal with Too Faced Moon Beam. The first day I wore it I decided to try it without primer, to see how well it would last. The results...not good. It was mostly gone within 3 hours, while 'Moon Beam' was still there.

The next day I tried the same products, but with Benefit primer. It lasted all 7 hours I had it on for, still vibrant.

Lime Criminal is a great colour and it doesn't look too bright, as it has a shimmer to it, but it's not glittery. I am looking forward to purchasing more Magic Dust's in the future!

Packaging: Cute packaging, quite artistic and fits well with the brands theme. Not great quality, a little cheap.

Quality/Value: This eyeshadow is $14 USD on the Lime Crime website, which equals to $17 NZ. But, I had to pay $10 US shipping (for two items), so in the end the eyeshadow ended up costing me $23 NZD, which is not a price I would normally pay. However, I like it, and do think it was worth it as a wee treat.

Staying Power/Wearbale: This product is useless unless you use primer. The eyeshadow mixes well with other colours, and is very pretty. Even people who prefer subtle colours on their eyes could still use Lime Criminal, as it can easily be applied lightly or brightly!

Overall: 4/5


  1. i looooove greeeen! love the look that you did! i've always wanted to try lime crime, thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. Thank you! I have just recently got into green eyeshadows.

  3. @Charlotte Thanks for your comment and for following :)