Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beauty Review :: Lime Crime Great Pink Planet Lipstick

I'm going to be honest here, the first time I used Great Pink Planet...I didn't like it. But, since using it several more times, I actually quite like it.

It comes in a purple lipstick sized cardboard box, with a silver unicorn.

The lipstick itself looks more purple here, it is actually quite a bright colour, think bright pink cherry blossoms. Although it does seem to have the slightest hint of purple tones in it.

Pastel pink with a neon note - think Malibu Barbie! Strawberry milkshake in a tube. Full coverage on all complexions, from super-pale to extra-dark!

One of the reasons I didn't like the lipstick much at first was because of how it looked when it dried. However, I have learnt to work around that! Read on.

Swatch on my hand. Not the best, so the best way to show you the true colour, is on my lips.

Top Left: Freshly applied, flash. Top Right: Freshly applied, no flash.
Bottom Left: 2 hours after application, flash. Bottom Left: 2 hours after application, no flash.

As you can see it is quite glossy when first applied, and lasts quite well. But the cracking in my lips is quite obvious.

Freshly applied, with no flash.

Freshly applied, with flash.

In the weekend I bought a clear gloss to wear over top of 'Great Pink Planet' without having to apply the actual lipstick. It works great. Sure, after a while you can see the cracks, but it's not too obvious. This lipstick stains quite a lot (in fact it took me a while to get it off my hand after swatching it), but this is good if you want your lipstick to last quite a long time, and having a clear gloss to reapply over it, makes it as good as new!

Colour: Even people who like subtle makeup could get away with this. It is bright, but can easily be toned down. It is exactly the colour I was looking for.

Packaging: Cute packaging, quite artistic and fits well with the brands theme. Not great quality, a little cheap.

Quality/Value: This lipstick is $16 USD on the Lime Crime website, which equals to about $19 NZ. But, I had to pay $10 US shipping (for two items), so in the end the lipstick ended up costing me $27 NZD, which is not too bad really. The lipstick itself seems good quality, unlike my recent MAC lipstick purchase, which fell off the base the day I got it!

Staying Power/Wearbale: As mentioned above, the lipstick stains, meaning it lasts a good amount of time, but I definitely recommend 'prepping' your lips before applying, especially if you have dry lips. I just used a blistex ointment a few minutes before applying Great Pink Planet. It can be worn bright or toned down a little for just a hint of pink colour.

Overall: It's a great addition to your collection. I intend on buying 'Coquette' in the near future, along with more eyeshadows, to go with my Lime Criminal Magic Dust!



  1. thank you so much for your comment ♥

    i see that you are from nz too! lucky you have a lime crime lipstick! im deff choosing great pink planet since im in love with baby pinks! im also getting coquette too. i will do a review of lime crime lipsticks when i get em so you can check it out (; and you should totally get sigma brushes. especially the synthetic face kit. ive heard so many GOOD reviews about em and people said its the best brush ever that they ever had!

  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to your reviews!

  3. I really like that lipstick on you! You look gorgeous!

  4. @Danielle Thanks!I love how you can wear it really bright, or more subtle. :)