Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Hair :: Highlights

The last time I got highlights I was 12 and have hated the idea of them since. 7 years later, and I have been warming to the idea of them again. So today, I went to get some highlights at my usual hairdressers. My hair colour at the moment is an auburn/brown colour. I wanted to get caramel/honey highlights.

I'm not entirely happy with them. I wanted them to be much more obvious, in fact when she finished I couldn't even notice a difference. She said after a couple of washes it will be more obvious. I hope so.

My hair actually has a lot of red in it which isn't obvious in these pictures. I don't mind the hair, I hope it becomes more obvious in the upcoming days. In these photos it looks quite nice, but they aren't as noticeable in real life. In the end it was only $50 (half price compared to normal), so I can't complain too much. Next time I will just go a bit lighter!

On a side note, I cannot believe how straight hairdressers make your hair! They use GHD's like mine, but mine is never that straight. I assume it must be the products they use? Do you swear by any heat protector/straightening products? I use a GHD heat protector, but I don't think it helps at all. I also use a heat protector Dove Shampoo.

Of course I watched the Royal Wedding last night. My mum and I bought Sprite Zero, popcorn, pebbles and cheesecake to watch it. I think Kate looked amazing in her wedding dress, and I hear she did her makeup herself. I wasn't actually a fan of her eye makeup (mainly the eyeliner), but her skin looked flawless. I think they are a very well suited couple!


  1. I think your hair looks good, fingers crossed for you that your highlights become more obvious. Nothing worse than paying for something that you're not happy with.

    That cheesecake looks lovely.

  2. Thanks Charlotte.

    The cheesecake was yummy! I prefer passionfruit, but mum doesn't like we had to compromise with raspberry and white chocolate!

  3. im so jealous that you have really healthy hair. i want to dye my hair but its already been so damaged from bleaching my hair a lot last year that is why ive gone back to dark again.

    and i love cheesecake!!! it looks so nice:(

  4. Anna Bell - I wish I had healthy hair! Granted, it's not as bad as it used to be since i stopped straightening my hair. But the ends still break a lot. I need to use more products than I do, but I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to hair products!

  5. Your hair was probably easier for them to style because they used professional products that dont have fillers like wax, etc. rather than drugstore products that have 30%+ wax added to their products to dilute them. You should talk to your stylist about professional products. I switched a few years ago & my hair is so much healthier.

  6. Thanks, I definitely will. There is a shop at one of the malls near me that sells all hairdresser products, but isn't an actual hairdressers. I might try there too!