Monday, April 11, 2011

Nail Art

Yet another Monday at work. It was so foggy this morning, you couldn't see very far down the road in front of you at all! But now it's beautifully sunny outside. I like Autumn a lot more than I remember.

I had been wearing a sparkly grey nail polish all week from BYS, but last night I decided it was time for a change. I don't have a huge nail polish collection yet, but I'm getting there. My mum likes anything pink and shiny, so I decided to use one of her pink nail polishes. It's very subtle and shimmery. I needed to apply about 3 coats though.

It looks a bit more pink in real life.

On my thumbs and ring fingers (my favourite fingers...haha is it weird to have a favourite finger?) I put some nail art stickers on that I got in Brisbane last year when I went to Soundwave. I have bought other nail stickers since then, but they have nothing on these ones. They look very natural and professional.

Sorry about the lighting, I'm trying to find the right place in my house for taking photos!

I've just had my morning coffee in this cup I found while going through the boxes in the garage of all our old stuff. It's a cup my dad gave me from when he went to Greece. It's very nice to drink out of and is now my new work cup! You should all also be very proud of me for throwing out sooo much stuff that was in the boxes. Like soft toys (I had to hug each one goodbye of course, and kept my favourite ones (which is like 10)).

Look out for my sugar cleanse post tonight! Including my weight loss results :)

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