Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lipgloss Storage + EOTD

Last night I cleaned out my Sephora Train Make-up case, and made quite a bit more room for new products!

I found an old box from Japan that I will use to store my lipglosses/lipsticks in for now, but ultimately I want something a bit nicer.

2 of my most used products are in my sephora case. (MAC Creme d'nude and Nivea Care Gloss).

This morning I decided to go with blue eyeshadow.

I quite like the way it turned out. But I think I need a few more shades in there.


A blue roll on eyeshadow that I've had since I was about 13. I have no idea what the brand is.
#8 Loose Dust - Napoleon Perdis
Black Claire's Eyeshadow
Black Mascara - Tina Tarantino (seriously love this mascara, I know I go on about it all the time, but I don't know what I'm going to do when it runs out! It's not available here)
Blackest Black Eyeliner - Australis

I went for my first run in over a month yesterday. And it went so well! I ran the whole way (14 minutes) without stopping or even feeling like stopping. My legs are sore today...I can't imagine what it's like for marathon runners!
I've just found out I'm going to Melbourne in June! My friend who lives there booked tickets to a concert there in June, and I can't wait. I've only been to Melbourne once before, and that was just for 1 night. I'm going for 3 or 4 nights this time! It's going to be awesome :)


  1. Pretty, I really love this look! I think you did a great job!! I would say if you wanted to add more colours, just a darker blue in the crease, but I think it is gorgeous! Also good work for the run!!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I actually only just started putting darker colours in the crease, amazingly I just learnt that technique. I want to get a good brush for it, but haven't found a good one yet!