Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lime Crime Makeup :: So bright, it's illegal!

I think I may be in love. I have hear a lot about Lime Crime lately, but hadn't bothered looking into it. Today I did. They have a truly gorgeous range! And even better...they ship worldwide. So of course I had to buy something.

Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime makeup which she formed in 2008. It focuses on bright colours, hence the slogan 'So Bright, It's Illegal!' The line is PETA-friendly, and a lot of the products are vegan.

After a good half an hour trying to decide which shades I wanted and how many products I could afford I decided to be sensible and go with one lipstick and one eyeshadow.

I really wanted the lipstick shade 'Coquette' but it was sold out. So I went with 'Great Pink Planet'.

'Pastel pink with a neon note - think Malibu Barbie! Strawberry milkshake in a tube. Full coverage on all complexions, from super-pale to extra-dark!'

I have been looking for a green eyeshadow for ages, and since I was only allowed to buy one eyeshadow, I went with 'Lime Criminal Magic Dust'.

'Our signature shade, this bright lime green eyeshadow is sure to fill your heart with glee!'

It says to wait for about 4 weeks before your package arrives, so I'm going to have to play a bit of a waiting game...but I really can't wait to receive my package! It ended up costing about $55 NZD including shipping...so a little on the pricey side (for me). Hopefully they're worth it though (I've heard good things!), and I will be able to write reviews in the (near) future!

I definitely urge you to check out the site, and buy something yourself!


  1. omgosh those lip colors looks amazing! can't wait to see your haul! ;)

  2. Thanks for following LJ, and I can't wait either! :)