Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beauty Review Fail :: Dove Summer Glow

I have always been pale (with lots of freckles). I embraced it, and preferred to be pale than tanned.

Recently I decided I might try to give the more tanned look a try. I used Sugar Baby Radiance Bronze Cream, but it's just too hard to apply everyday, and gets all over my clothes etc.

I decided to go with a gradual tanner. I love Dove products, and chose their 'Summer Glow' moisturising gradual tanner.

After 10 days of using it every day the verdict is this product does not work.

I'm really disappointed. I love Dove products, and I looked up a few reviews which said they noticed a huge change in colour within 2 days. Not me. There's not even the slightest hint of change.

Another problem is how hard it is to get it out of the bottle. I have to use both hands to squeeze out product, even when I first used it.

Value/Quality: This cost me $9 NZD at the supermarket. It's quite a big bottle, but I don't think it would last much more than a month using it everyday.
Packaging: Simple, clean, smooth packaging as Dove always is. Not amazing, but nice.
Results: I have no change in colour, it moisturises well though.


Maybe gradual tans don't work on me. As I said, other people have found this gradual tanner effective, so you may too. If anyone has had a good experience with this product, or another gradual tanner please let me know.

Otherwise a light coverage fake tan that's easy to use/hassle free?

On another note, today at work I'm wearing false eyelashes for the first time. They're the NYX ones I bought in Hawaii with the sparkly strip. There are some nice looking ones at a pharmacy I want to try. Not sure of the brand, but they look very full and natural and are only $12 NZD! I may need to try these at some point.


  1. Bummer it didn't work for you! The best one I have used is Jergens Natual Glow. I have golden tones in my skin though, so I'm not sure how it would work for you. It didn't streak or make me orange though, and I always get a ton of compliments when I use it:-) xoxo

  2. @Bon Bon Thanks! I will have to have a look at that one. I'm very pale, but I thought I would have noticed at least a slight difference!

  3. as a fellow pale-beyond-belief blogger, i can appreciate this post! i will def not use it :) <3

  4. I used something similar to that last year and I found it was only the shimmers that made me "tanner" but it didn't work either.

  5. It's good to know I'm not the only one! Was beginning to think with all those 'great' reviews it was getting that there was something wrong with me! haha