Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beauty Review:: Moisture Milk - Marc Daniels

Moisture Milk - Marc Daniels
Leave in hair treatment - first aid for hair.

I bought this product quite a while ago, but only used it for the first time yesterday.

I only used a small amount on my medium-long hair. I just scrunched it through the ends of my hair after it was towel dried it, and then 'styled as usual' (blow dried it a bit, then left it).

"Moisture Milk is a revolutionary leave in repair treatment. Intense conditioning treatment, and a deep moisturiser for you hair. An easy to use, deep treating and deep conditioning leave in treatment that allows hair to moisturise and rehydrate thoroughly." (I think they could have worded themselves better than that?

All day I had convinced myself that it hadn't worked. I couldn't notice a difference in my hair. But then, after I got home and put my hair up, it was a lot naturally straighter than it normally is, and more silky. It is still like this today.

Overall, I don't think I would buy it again. But maybe the next time I use it I need to use a bit more of it for my hair length. If I notice a big difference, I'll update this review.

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