Monday, February 14, 2011

Beauty Review:: Creme d'Nude MAC Lipstick

Hi all. Hope you had a great weekend, mine was pretty low-key - didn't get up to much.

As promised, today I bring you my MAC lipstick review.

My lips are naturally quite pink/red and after a recommendation from Cheryl I decided to give Creme d'Nude a go.

I ordered this online, and it was on sale at $27 (NZD), this retails in our stores for a bit more. So it was quite a good deal. I love the packaging too.

My initial thoughts are that it does exactly what I wanted it to. It makes my lips a nice nude colour even if I don't have foundation over my lips first.

Different lighting so you get the idea of what it looks like. I really love it, and am glad I bought this! It lasts around 2 hours, and I'm happy with that. It feels nice on my lips, and hasn't made them dry or anything.

For a bit more of a glossy look I added BYS lipgloss in grape.

(The glitter gets a bit annoying on my lips), but it looks quite nice.

I only have one con with this lipstick...after only 3 days of using broke. I'm putting it down to it being a hot 31 degrees on Saturday, and it melted a bit. I can still use it perfectly fine, but it's a bit of a shame, considering I haven't had it very long!

Overall, I highly recommend MAC Creme d'Nude lipstick. I would definitely buy it again, and I am looking forward to trying other shades of MAC lipstick. Any recommendations?


  1. sexy! is it sticky? thats my only concern with lipsticks I hate that sticky feeling!

  2. It's not sticky at all. Feels very natural on.