Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beauty Review:: Sugar Baby Bronze Radiance Cream

Sugar Baby Bronze Radiance Cream

I have never tried a self-tanner before, so I decided to give this one a go. First things first...I love the packaging! It's so cute.

I'm a very pale person. I have lots of freckles on my arms. I burn. I do not tan. No matter what. Tanning in the sun is not an option.

This is my before, as I said...rather pale. (Bare in mind it's the middle of summer here!)

It looks kind of yellow-ish here. This is how much I use for 1 arm just past my elbow. Someone with a natural tan may not need to use quite as much to emphasise their tan.

This is the after shot. It is a little bit darker in real life, but it's more of a glow than a tan. It makes my skin shimmery, and it definitely looks a lot nicer, it just evens out my skin tone a bit more. However, it's very annoying to wear. It gets everywhere. The only okay thing about this, is that it comes off clothes really easily. It comes off your skin easily too, just run it under water. I found this stuff hard to blend in, but that might be because my skin is light to begin with.

I wouldn't use this everyday, it's more hassle than it's worth. I would use it on small exposed areas for special occasions (and where I wouldn't be touching anything white). At $24.99 (NZD) it's not particularly a good buy. It's okay to have, but I am definitely going to try other products next time. Overall, I wouldn't buy it again. I think this lot will last me a long time anyway.

I ran for 13 minutes today, but had to stop 2 minutes in my run to stop for a train! Just a bit inconvenient.

I'm going to start my say "yes" to everything for a week today. And by everything....there are limits. For example I am going to town on Friday night and a bus trip on Saturday night.

Here's a photo of my friend and I getting off the bus at the first pub last Friday night.

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