Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beauty Review :: Loreal Casting Creme Gloss (Brownie)

Loreal Casting Creme Gloss - Brownie

Yesterday I dyed my hair (well, I got my mum to, I'm not very good at dying it myself!). I like this brand, and have used it before. It has no ammonia and has a really nice deep conditioner for when you wash out the dye. This dye also only has to be in your hair for 20 minutes which is good.

It looks a lot like the colour on the box, perhaps a little more red, but I don't mind that. I also know that these dyes fade quite quickly compared to most, but I quite like that because it's not as damaging to your hair.

I've always liked my hair dark, even though it's naturally blonde. I definitely won't dye it black again (I did for about 3-4 years), it was such a process and so much money to get it back to blonde!

I know I should probably get my hair dyed at the hairdressers, but it costs too much money, and I think at-home hair dyes are coming a long way! I would use this colour again, I would only recommend it if you want a lot of red tones in your hair. Loreal Casting Creme Gloss is one of the more expensive at home hair dyes, but it is my new favourite brand.

Price: High (more expensive, but worth it)
Quality: High (love the deep conditioner!)
Packaging: High (very clever way of mixing the colour and creme by having a built in holder in the box)


This is my new favourite eye combo at the moment. Silver, dark grey and a spot of pink in the corner for colour.

Silver: Unknown brand
Dark Grey: BYS palette
Pink: Sweet Candy #28 (Sephora)

Eyeliner: Australis eye pencil in Blackest Black
Mascara: Anastasia

I also got my eyebrows done yesterday afternoon. Waxed and tinted, it was definitely overdue! I can take my makeup off now and actually still have eyebrows (they are naturally blonde).


  1. ooo this is a nice colour! ive recently had my eye on black cherry.. but im a bit scared to dye mine as ive done so much stuff to it already..
    im going onto a graphic design course in sept, hows graphic design going for you darlin? xxx

  2. Good luck with your course!

    I love my job as a graphic designer, it's in the medical field so not quite my dream job, but it's a fantastic start and I've learnt so much in the year I've been working here, especially now I'm doing an online course.

    Thanks for reading my blog :)