Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mini Beauty Review :: Innoxa Sugar Frosted Lipstick

I recently discovered that The Warehouse carries the Innoxa brand of cosmetics. (Slightly strange for The Warehouse, they are kind of equivalent with Walmart I think).

I already had an Innoxa lipstick which mum bought for me in Sydney (and said it was much more expensive there than it is here). The lipstick she got me was also broken. You can read my review here.

The colour I picked up was 'Sugar Frosted' is a nice baby pink. I love pale lipsticks more than brights.

I love the packaging of the Innoxa brand. It doesn't feel cheap, and it's very pretty.

Top: window lighting, Bottom: Indoor lighting

I love this colour, and think I will get a lot of use out of it. It looks best with a clear gloss overtop, and it's quite important to apply a lipbalm before hand. I think $20 is an okay price. I will probably try another shade, and more products from the Innoxa range.

Have you used Innoxa products? What do you think of the brand?


  1. I have the colours Tangerine and Coral from the same Innoxa range which I also bought from the Warehouse after I read this blog from my fave beauty editor (Zoe Foster's great!):

    I love them, they're pretty bright though so probably won't be your thing but they seem to go well with my dark skin.

    Take care :)

    Donna x

  2. Thanks for your comment. That blog looks good too, I've added it to my google reader!