Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beauty Review :: Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse - Chocolate Brown

A while ago I decided I will only get my hair done at the hairdressers from now on. Fail. It's just so much easier and cheaper to do it at home (provided you're dying it the same colour or darker).

I'd seen a lot of advertising about the new mousse hairdyes, and decided to try it out.

It was just a few shades darker than my hair was already. Normally I get mum to dye my hair at home, because I have trouble getting it all covered. I attempted this by myself, and I'm pleased to say it was easy! It lathers really well and there's so much product that it's easy to cover, and although it said you should use all the product for best results I just couldn't! My hair is considered long, so enough product for really long hair!

I let it sit for 30 minutes then washed it out in the shower. It didn't splash all over the shower walls like usual, I'm not sure if this is because it's a mousse formula, but I assume so.

The conditioner was nice, but I've had better ones, this one didn't have a nice smell or anything special.

I love the colour, but it didn't leave my hair in as good condition as other products I have tried. It was a much easier application though, and it gets top points for that.


Have you tried mousse hair dyes? What did you think?

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