Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beauty Review :: Lime Crime Coquette Lipstick

On the 19th of May I received an email that my second Lime Crime order was being shipped to me. Exactly 6 days later I received my order all the way in New Zealand. That is some fast shipping! I was once again wowed by Lime Crime's excellent service. As soon as I walked in the door I opened it up to find my Coquette Lipstick!

I bought Coquette after it became 'Limited Edition' because I love nude lipsticks more than any other lipstick, and I did not want to miss out.

Personally, I don't think it's necessary to have quite that much green paper. Love the box it comes in though, very cute.

"It was a typical city morning. Citizens grappled for their first cups of coffee, buses sighed and hissed from stop to stop, and pigeons discussed the latest street fashions. Even against this familiar murmur, Becky knew something was different. She opened her eyes, then her window, and from the height of her 8th floor apartment she saw towering mountains of heart-shaped candy boxes piled past her window. “Oh no,” Becky thought, “I guess I shouldn’t have blown so many kisses yesterday!” But that thought quickly faded as she stroked more lipstick over her lips. Soon she was back at her old game, blowing kisses out the window as the ever-increasing piles of candy threatened to topple. Becky wasn’t just flirting with all the boys; she was flirting with danger."

On the Lime Crime website 'Coquette' is described as a 'Pale, blushed nude'. I will admit, it is a lot darker/orange than I was expecting. On the website it looks almost pink. I also noticed this time I got a 'business card'.

Lime Crime's 'Coquette' Lipstick is Vegan. As I notice a lot of makeup brands are becoming these days, which is great! Above is Coquette (bottom) and MAC's Creme d'Nude (top) swatched. As you can see, Coquette is  alot more pigmented and with orange tones, while Creme d'Nude is more shimmery and has pink tones.

Top: Coquette applied freshly to lips without flash. Middle: Coquette with BYS 'Candy Lipgloss' applied overtop. Bottom: Coquette applied freshly to lips with flash.

Colour: I am a big fan of nude lipsticks, and prefer them more than reds. Coquette applies smoothly and only a couple of strokes are necessary for a fully opaque colour. It is a bit more warm-toned than I wanted, but I will still get regular use out of this!
Packaging: Cute packaging, quite artistic and fits well with the brands theme. I noticed that the lipstick 'tube' felt a bit smoother than my Great Pink Planet one...? Not sure if I'm just imagining things or not.

Quality/Value: This lipstick is $16 USD on the Lime Crime website, which equals to about $20 NZ. But, I had to pay $10 US shipping (for the one item), so in the end the lipstick ended up costing me $34 NZD, a bit more than I would normally pay...but this was a must have! The lipstick itself seems good quality, unlike my recent MAC lipstick purchase, which fell off the base the day I got it! It feels moisturising too.

Staying Power/Wearbale: The feel of this compared to Great Pink Planet is a lot nicer in my opinion. It feels more moisturising, and since it's a nude shade it doesn't stain your lips. It has pretty good staying power too, since it is quite pigmented. Very wearbale, for all ocassions.
Overall: It's a great addition to your collection, whether you're a fan of nude lipsticks, or a fan of Lime Crime! Lime Crime is definitely one of my favourite makeup brands and a must have for a makeup junkie.

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  1. Oooh! I keep hearing about this Lime Crime lipstick and this really makes me want to indulge. Thanks for the lip swatches!

  2. You definitely should! I want them all. Not that I'm sure I would wear purple or blue lipstick...but you never know!

  3. yes i knoow. but i still want to try out Lime Crime lipsticks too ! loving the nude colour !<3 so gorg. x

  4. That really is a gorgeous nude colour! Unfortunately, I have a naturally dark tan/olive complexion, so I can't pull off nude lipstick. I just end up looking ill, haha. It looks great on you, though.

    x Michelle |

  5. @Anna Bell - I love both Lime Crime lipsticks I have (so far!). We neeeed these at retail stores in NZ.

    @Michelle - Thank you! This nude is a little darker than others I use, so it may not be too bad.

  6. Great review! I really need to pick up some of the new Lime Crime shades.

  7. @MissMM definitely need Lime Crime Lipsticks. Great addition to makeup collections.