Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beauty Review :: Artiste Professional Blush Brush

A couple of weeks ago now my mum went to Sydney and bought me a few things while there.

One of those things was a retractable travel blush brush.

Artiste Professional (Manicare) Blush Brush 22

Previously I used a Bare Escentuals brush for blush. I thought it was great. Until I used this brush.

It's seriously great. It helps the colour show up so much better, and with less product. The bristles don't get squashed because of it being retractable and having a lid. I haven't needed to wash it yet, because the product goes on your face, and almost none stays on the brush!

The only problem I've had is everynow and then a bristle will be left on my cheek. This doesn't happen with every use, but ocassionally. It certainly doesn't put me off using it.

It's quite small, and easily fits in a small makeup bag. Meaning it really is easy for travel.
Packaging: Plain black packaging, nothing special. Small and easy to travel with.

Quality/Value: I believe mum paid about $20 AUD for this (not sure on the exact price). That's not a bad price, especially for a brush as good as this. As mentioned above, it leaves almost no product on the brush itself, and all on your skin!
I highly recommend this brush, and would like to try more brushes in this range.

Overall: 5/5

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