Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beauty Mini Review :: Innoxa Baby Doll Lipstick

As posted on Tuesday night, my mum bought me back a few bits and pieces from Sydney.

I mentioned that the lipstick she bought me back was broken at the base, and stuck the lid. It is still usable, just a bit messy.

Below is the lipstick swatched next to Great Pink Planet. As you can see Baby Doll is a lot thicker, almost having a 'crayon' texture. Great Pink Planet looks a lot smoother. There is a lot more orange in the swatches than in real life. The photo gives you a good comparison on texture though.

Left: Innoxa - Baby Doll, Right: Great Pink Planet - Lime Crime

This is what Baby Doll looks like on my lips in natural lighting/no flash. It's much more pink, and even looks slightly purple (more so in the photos than real life). It isn't a very good consistency, and as you can see from the top picture looks very dry. It looks nice with a clear gloss over top however.

I wouldn't wear this lipstick on it's own, but it does the job with a clear gloss on top. It didn't last very long. Lime Crime - Great Pink Planet is a nicer colour and lasts a lot longer. The interesting thing was, when I swatched Baby Doll to the inside of my arm I could barely get it off.

Have you ever tried any Innoxa products?

This will be my last post until Tuesday. I'm off to see Katy Perry this weekend! Very excited to go away for a long weekend with three of my best friends! And don't forget I'm visiting the MAC shop....I may come back pretty broke!


  1. It is pretty, but I don't think I could rock such a pale pink.

  2. Loving the limecrime lipstick it is so opaque! Im kinda pissed off cuz two of the lipsticks that I was going to buy are both sold out. I was also going to get the nude one from the new collection that just came out but it turned to a limited edition lipstick! :( I want it but I have to wait till the other ones to come back into stock... Hopefully the nude one wouldnt finish until they come in stock!:(

  3. Oh no, I didn't know the nude one was a limited edition either...I really want it!