Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Long Weekend Shopping Haul :: June 2011

On Saturday my mum and I went shopping. We don't go clothes shopping very often, and always complain about how we have nothing to wear to work.

We went to Northlands (I think I've been there once in the last 5 years), but it's one of the only shopping malls open in Christchurch at the moment! We usually go to Westfield, so we decided to try somewhere different.

I walked around half the mall thinking, 'why can I not buy anything? I think I'm allergic to shopping'. Well that jinxed it, I then went on to spend $350. ($40 of that was going halves with an exercise class card with mum).

So here is what I got:

First of all just a couple of makeup things:

Nail Polishes: $2 each from the 1 to $8 shop.
BYS Summer Storm Palette: $8 from Glassons
BYS Mega Shine Coffee Lipgloss: $8 from Glassons

I did a little NOTD with the nail polishes. I love the gold one, and what a bargain for $2! I applied 2 coats of each. My only problem is it took a long time to dry, and a couple of my nails are a bit smudged. 2-3 days later and it's barely chipped though! I would probably get some more shades.

This is a swatch for the Coffee BYS Mega Shine lipgloss.

It looks pretty in the swatch....not so much on my lips. I doubt I will use this much. It's just not a 'natural' looking colours. Looks a bit muddy.

My only disappointing purchase of the day.

Here are swatches for the BYS #7 Summer Storm palette.

I basically bought it for the purple colour. Which is lucky, because this palette is not very pigmented at all.

I did an EOTD with it yesterday, using all three colours, and only the purple was visible, no matter how much I put on.

I will definitely use the purple, but the others not so much.

Onto clothes!

I bought this dress from TEMT. It was $40. It looks nicer on than off.

I bought two skivvys for work. They were $16 each. Great for winter. I have always hated tops like this, but I really liked it when I tried it on!

I bought these 2 pairs of skinny jeans (but the comfy stretchy material) from Glassons for $30 each. One pair is black, the other a dark purple. It's a bit hard to tell in the photo.


I've been looking for these boots for over a year. Finally I found them! So comfy, I will live in them all winter for sure. $50 from the Number 1 Shoe Warehouse.

Ankle boots from Farmers. These were $70 down to $49. I also got some underwear from Farmers, because most of it was half price. Farmers always have sales now. There was also 15% off OPI. I walked away before I could look! I should have got some eyeliner, but decided to wait.

My mum and I finished off the day by going out for tea. We went to The Running Bull. It was great! Definitely going to go again. Mum had a chicken burger and I had a BLAT. 6/10 restaurants in Christhurch now! 4 to go.

So there we go, $350 less, and going on holiday in 2 weeks. Oooops.

Did you buy anything exciting this weekend?

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