Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Breaking Out

On Sunday I was at my mum's work while she was working, so I decided to take advantage of the internet by watching some beauty related youtube videos.

I came across one that had a tutorial on how to clean your makeup brushes with ordinary shampoo (I have heard this in the past, so I don't blame this youtuber for what happened next). I got home and washed my brushes with some shampoo and rinsed with water. I let them dry overnight, and the next morning they were so soft and clean!

I got a pimple on my jawline the next day that was really sore, but didn't think much of it. Later that night I had quite a few above my eyebrow, not acne pimples like I used to get either...these were the bumpy ones that look rather angry.

I put some tea tree cream on (which usually helps) and went to bed. I woke up the next morning with even more of these pimples on my checks and more on chin and forehead. I never get pimples on my cheeks, and these pimples look like they are the cause of my skin having reacted to something.

The only thing I have changed is cleaning my brushes with that shampoo. I'm feeling rather depressed, I have never had good skin, and have only recently managed to get it under control.

I quickly ordered this online this morning, but it will be another week or more before it gets here. I use powder foundation and I have no other brushes. I'm trying not to touch my face, so that they don't spread.

Does anyone have any tips/tricks etc for what I can do in the meantime? What do you use to clean your brushes?

Much appreciated!


  1. I wash my brushes with Cetaphil (a non-soap facial cleanser) - you could try that to get all of the shampoo residue off of your brushes. Cetaphil is really gentle, so that may help. Using a spot acne cream might help in the meantime. So sorry about your experience :( Hopefully everything clears up soon!

  2. @Larie Thanks for your comment! I'm going to try and rinse the brushes more tonight to get it out. I hope it comes right soon, its rather stressful! I've learnt now though I suppose.