Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ever since I was about 6 years old I have been experimenting with makeup, particularly eye makeup. Here are some different looks I have tried over the years.

When I was about 14/15 I used to wear red eyeshadow a lot. As in, every other day.

At about 16 I began experimenting more with two tones. Blue and pink or green and blue were my 2 favourites.

Blue and purple tones became more popular for me during 17.

Then came the fun eyeliner designs.

And the themed ideas.

Now I tend to go with a more 'smoky eye' look. Just your general silver and black with black eyeliner. I wear it pretty much everyday. Don't have any current pics. Will have to take some! I miss my dark hair, may have to go back there....

To come this week: Beauty product reviews!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. :)

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