Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beauty Review:: Bare Minerals

BareMinerals 9 piece Get Started Kit

While in Hawaii I bought the Bare Escentuals powder starter kit. I had heard about it before, and really wanted to try it, but it's not available in New Zealand.

Let's just say. I love it. And am very pleased I have found an online site where I can buy it and get it shipped to New Zealand, all for a pretty reasonable price!

The kit contains:

  • DVD tutorial (interesting to watch, but nothing amazing)
  • Full flawless face brush
  • Max coverage concealer brush
  • Flawless face brush
  • BareMinerals foundation (Fair)
  • BareMinerals foundation (fairly light)
  • Mineral Veil
  • Warmth
  • Bonus BareMinerals PrimeTime foundation primer (exclusive through Sephora, I haven't used it yet, I have never used primer before).
Both foundations have an SPF 15, which is good. 

I have fairly pale skin, so Fair is a good colour on me. However, I have been using Fairly light recently, being Summer and all.

I have suffered from acne in the past, but within the last year it has cleared up dramatically. But, on occasion I get the odd breakout on one side of my face. Here's my review on the BareMinerals kit. (I am in the process of task #27, so bare with me until I get a new the very near future).

 This is my skin with absolutely nothing on it (told you I need a new camera).

I then use a little bit of the foundation and the max coverage concealer brush and dab it over any blemishes etc.

Then I use the Full flawless face brush and swirl that all over my face. I tried using the flawless face brush at first for this. Not a fan. So I now use that brush for bronzer or blush.

As you can see, the coverage is pretty good. 

Final Result

I finish the look with Warmth on my cheeks (I usually mix it with a little bit of blush, otherwise it's too dark on my skin). Then sometimes I use a little bit of Mineral Veil all over my face. I like the Mineral Veil, it gets rid of excess shine and sets the makeup a little better. But I don't see it as a must have or everyday use product.

I prefer to use the BareMinerals collection with a liquid foundation before the concealer stage. I didn't in this review to keep it all to the same brand. But usually I would use Natio Pure Mineral Foundation. Just a little bit, which makes the look a bit smoother and blends better.

I love BareMinerals, and am definitely a fan. It's a powder, but isn't dry or powdery on your skin. I have always been against makeup brushes, but I love the set that comes with the kit. I highly recommend it, as it is also supposed to be good for your skin, since it is a mineral product.


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  1. Hey! Thanks for pointin this out to me, never even heard of this brand but will check it out :D
    Rebecca x