Tuesday, October 4, 2011

EOTD :: October 4th

Today I did my eyemakeup a bit differently.

I used Dark Heart Design's "Tequila Sunrise" as the main colour, then added a dark purple colour from a palette I have around the outer and upper eyelid. It turned out to look more blue against the yellow though!

Something a little different anyway! I love playing with different colour combinations. Lime Crime is having a 55% off sale tomorrow, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to resist! I'm really into gold eyeshadows at the moment, which is a complete change for me.

I think I need to get some more eyeshadow brushes. More precise ones.

Do you have any recommendations?

Last night for tea I made Chicken and pineapple cous cous. It was a good combination!


  1. Great eyeshadow look. Hey, if you really want good makeup brushes you should try out Sedona lace (dot) com. It's the same quality as like sigma brushes but really cheap!!!!

  2. o forgot to mention, the 12 piece set is only $59.95 :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I've shared your look on our fanpage ;)

  4. Thank you - sorry it's not the best quality photo!